Chimie Lyon 2017, the heart of all chemistries

All the professionals of the chemistry gathered in a single strategic place

The exhibition Chimie Lyon will open its doors on september 20th and 21st, 2017 at the Parc Eurexpo. This not-to-be-missed event aims to gather in a single strategic place all the chemical industry's actors, allowing them to value their know-how. At the heart of the 1st french region of chemical production, this event brings together the professionals of the sector, and offers its visitors to meet during two days the specialists of the chemical industry.

Cradle of the french chemistry, Lyon contains a strong density of industries in this sector. Near to the Chemical Valley and to Etang de Berre, this city is part of one of the biggest petrochemical poles of France. It is a key zone at the heart of the french chemistry and the current environmental concerns.

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The french chemical industry

The chemical industry is a considerable asset for the national productivity, and positions as a leading player of the state economy. France occupies the place of 2nd European producer, and 6th producing at the world level. The French chemical industry account 3 345 companies, among which 94% of TPE-PME, employs about 157 000 employees and adds up a 82,4 billion euro turnover for 2014.
It has a significant weight in the foreign exchanges, and positions at the 1st rank of the exporting branches of industry since 2008. This important sector counts 3 billion euros of investment expenditure and 1,64 billion euros in R&D.

The chemistry in Rhône-Alpes

The region Rhône-Alpes is the 1st region of chemical production in France. It lists 500 establishments, including 32 500 employees, among which 70% of PME which represent 50% of staff. It is the 2nd French region in the sector of the environment, with 2 500 eco-companies. It also occupies the 5th rank of the European patent registrations in chemistry-materials.
The region chemical industries represents 12 billion euros of annual sales, among which 65% in the export, that is about 15% of the exports of the country. The chemical sector in Rhône-Alpes account 3 000 researchers, that is 25% of the means of the national research. The region counts 500 million euros of annual investments, among which approximately 20% in Health, Safety and Environment. The whole sector chemistry and environment represents 48 000 direct jobs.
This tissue rich in expertise and in research built itself around Lyon, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Valence et Chambéry : Vallée de la Chimie, Pôle de compétitivité AXELERA, Pôle de compétitivité Lyonbiopôle, Maison de la Chimie Rhône-Alpes, Institut de Chimie de Lyon (ICL), Union des Industries Chimiques de Rhône-Alpes, Plateforme Chimique Les Roches – Roussillon, Plateforme Chimique du Pont-de-Claix, Parc Industriel de la Plaine de l'Ain, Fondation de Coopération Scientifique ROVALTAIN (Drôme), Domaine scientifique de la DOUA.

The Chemical Valley

Along the Rhône, in border of the highway A7, on about fifteen kilometers in the South of Big Lyon, extends the Chemical Valley. This Chemical Valley establishes with Etang de Berre one of the biggest petrochemical poles of France. This zone groups 11 000 employees and contains a big concentration of chemical and petrochemical industries, among which some classified Seveso 2, such as Arkema, Ciba, Solvay, Total, Air Liquide, the refinery of Feyzin... We also list there several centers of research and competitiveness, logistics zones and infrastructures of transport. The closeness of the port of Lyon Edouard-Herriot, the marshalling yard of Sibelin and the highway A7 is a real asset for companies implanted in this zone. The Chemical Valley recently knew numerous evolutions bound to the transformations of the chemical industry. The risk management and the report to the environment are at present decisive factors for its development.

The Chemical Valley counts 3 research centers with a worldwide reputation, gathering 1 000 researchers in the study and the experiment of new processes of energy savings and environmental protection. Among these research centers, the French Institute of the Oil (IFP) holds an important place. It includes 630 employees, 14 000 m² of laboratories and experimental sites dedicated to the research, to the industrial development, to the formation and the information. Its mission is to develop the technologies and the materials of future in domains of the energy, the transport and the environment.

AXELERA is the pole of competitiveness with world vocation Chemistry and Environment Lyon & Rhône-Alpes. Created in 2005 by Arkema, CNRS, IFP, Rhodia and SUEZ, its strategic ambition is to develop an industrial and scientific sector conjugating chemistry and environment. Its aim is to become a leading pole in Europe, and an international reference in term of innovation in the field of the chemistry-environment.
To reach these goals, the pole coordinates the various actors of the sector around 5 strategic axes :
  • the chemistry-environment in the service of the markets of application
  • the conservation of the natural spaces
  • the total recyclability of materials
  • the chemistry stemming from the vegetable
  • the factory of the future and the eco-designed processes
With more than 266 members, of whom 40% of PME/PMI, AXELERA shows a real dynamics of innovation, and so testifies of its power of attractiveness and its federative talent :
  • more than 400 people involved in the pole
  • 559 million euro catalyst of investment in Rhône-Alpes
  • 180 projects of R&D certified by AXELERA and financed for a 570 million euro total budget
  • 150 million euro dedicated to the implementation of 7 projects of setting-up and equipments
  • 6 projects of collaborative platforms of innovation
AXELERA, unique french cluster in the field of chemistry and environment, has for ambition to be a leading player of the excellent expanding sustainable development on the main environmental themes.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnologies in region of Lyon

Cradle of the french chemistry, Lyon contains a strong density of industries in the chemical sector, but also in the related domain of the pharmacy. The Lyon urban distric benefits from the diversity of the actors of the sector of biotechnologies and health implanted on this territory. Lyon positions as a fortified town of the sector Pharma Biotech, and is a member of ten bigger markets of biotechnologies and health in Europe, with about 100 000 jobs in the healthcare sector.

The urban area created the Biodistrict Lyon-Gerland, on June 4th, 2014. On the territory of 700 hectares of the district Gerland, situated in the South of Lyon, the city counts more than 5 000 jobs, thanks to world leaders of the sector as Sanofi (with his subsidiaries Merial, Genzyme and Sanofi Pasteur), but also PME such as Valneva, Platine Pharma Services et Genoway. We also list there the pole of competitiveness Lyonbiopôle, and establishments of research and formation, of which the Technological Bioaster research institute, created within the framework of the investments of future. The Biodistrict Lyon-Gerland has for objective to value the ecosystem of Lyon in the field of health and biotechnologies, for an international radiation.

Lyonbiopôle, pole of competitiveness health of the region Rhône-Alpes, specialized in the fight against the infectious diseases, is rapidly expanding and benefits from a world fame. Its vocation is to support the emergence and the development of technological innovations, products and services for the medicine. The scientific skills of the experts of Lyon participates actively in advances in the research. Thanks to bodies world leaders of the domain of the infectiology, Lyon is a dynamic platform guaranteeing the realization of scientific projects.

Lyonbiopôle gathers 176 actors :
  • 4 industrials, fondator members of the pole and international leaders (Sanofi Pasteur, bioMérieux, Mérial, BD)
  • 154 innovative PME
  • 18 competence centers
On the global market of the health, it is essential to promote effectively the actors, the strengths and the skills of the region Rhône-Alpes. Consequently, the pole sets up an ambitious international politic, based on 2 major themes :
  • the support of his members for the internationalization, in particular the PME
  • the brilliance and the presence of the pole on the world strategic markets of the health.